What's been up?? July 2020

Well, I don't know about y'all, but 2020 has already been a year! So what have I been up to lately....Here's a pretty length account update.


We'll start with the most obvious. Covid...Thankfully this hasn't affected me in the same ways that it has other businesses. I already had the site up and running with delivery options. Obviously festivals are cancelled for the time being. I do really miss these since that was my primary way of meeting most of you! However, I'm relieved to say that I've saved contacts and social connections over the years. I'd say almost everyone knows I'm online, etc. So I didn't have the lost of contact with you that other businesses experienced. I'm working on doing a better job of reaching out with updates and posting (e.g. this post) to keep y'all in the loop on updates that possibly interest you. Overall I've mostly seen a transfer from in person sales over to online and I haven't take a big hit–Thank You for this!!


I made some system updates for local delivery. Those of you who use it should now be able to see "Package Ready for Delivery" status changes on your order page. I *think* it might say once it's been prepared, but that's just a guess based on my end. I've also (finally) added in a Local Pickup option. My online platform (Shopify) is pretty much my favorite business vendor. They have implemented so many helpful additions for businesses using their platform. So after some very careful thought, I came up with a system for how to offer secure pickup that's available to you all 24/7. This is the first week for it, but I'm optimistic it will do great. I know it's been requested before in the past, so "give the people what they want!!"

New/Limited Items

I've been trying to get some project ideas going and produce special batches of items on my checklist. One day I'll finish pouring all of these ideas lol. for now I'm just working my way down the list. I have some changes for official product line items, new seasonal items, clearance pours, and more. Stay tuned for roll-on fragrance oils, limited edition scents, a new larger natural fragrance oil line, just to name a few...

Literall Expansion

One of my goals for this year was to build up better inventory so that I could mostly work on maintaining it rather that trying to keep up with order/event demands. The biggest reason for this, though, was because of plans to push the wholesale side of the biz. Realistically, you can't do that without a good product supply base. Some of you might have seen my shelf debacle post...lol I'm STILL sorting it out! If you knew the diagrams of what to put where...But yes, the inventory room is getting an upgrade to actually house more product. 

What It Bees Like

I've been a busy bee this season. After finally getting to the honey harvest amidst covid, I've been getting lots of contacts about honey requests. Well I only have hives on my lot. So I posted about a Host-A-Hive idea on a gardening group page I'm on....hahahahaha...30+ requests about a day later, I'm working on implementing a program. I'm fine tuning the last of the terms/legal stuff, but the program parameters are otherwise posted. I have options to join the program as a host and/or donate/sponsor. Feel free to share the links. I feel like this is a very feasible program. I've done the planning out down to the mass volume honey harvesting equipment needed. But it will only develop as well as resources allow. I'll be contributing funds and support from my current hives and seriously pushing my beekeeping learning curve.


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