About Us

What is Shae Shea?

Pronounced | SHAY SHAY |

Shae Shea LLC is a small bath and body business based out of New Orleans, LA. I started Shae Shea when I began making soap for myself. I found that commercial soaps on the market contained harsh detergents and ingredients that my sensitive skin couldn't tolerate. I noticed that my eczema and allergies were greatly reduced when I used simple but quality ingredient products. Over time Shae Shea was born and I began making soaps, candles, lip balms, and other products that I frequently enjoyed using. I make almost every product on the site by hand (with a few extra accessories). I offer products for people with allergies and special requests as well.

If you have a special request or want to chat more, contact me. I make gift baskets, party favors, custom orders and more! Just give me a shout :-)

Shae Thomas shop owner