Local Delivery

Local delivery is a service I do for Orleans parish residents to help counter balance the idea of shipping locally. The local delivery is available for all residential addresses in Orleans parish only. While I do realize surrounding areas are not terribly far away, in order to realistically get orders to customers in a more timely manner, I restrict my delivery radius. I can not "deliver" to P.O. Boxes because of USPS protocol (otherwise I would). The stipulation for residential addresses follows a similar restriction in that deliveries are scheduled outside of my full time day job. Since certain office hours may not allow for me to get there before close, if you would like to schedule a business delivery you would have to make arrangements before placing an order. Orders that process that do not follow these regulations risk delay or additionally invoiced shipping balances. This includes gate access apartments. If you live in such a residence, you will need to select regular shipping to ensure a timely delivery. There is a $25 minimum for all local delivery orders. I will do everything in my power to facilitate deliveries for my customers, but I do have a limitations for what can and can't be done. Please understand that local delivery does not mean "same day" or "next day." These ares get processed along with everything else and go out based on factors like inventory, delivery routes, my schedule (I do still have a full-time job y'all) and such. If you have questions or concerns about ordering via Local Delivery please feel free to reach out to me (and beforehand usually helps the most!).

Orders vary in shipping time based on the shipping method selected. Please note that selecting a particular shipping speed (e.g. Priority 2-day) does not include Processing Time (how long it takes to prepare your order for shipping). Custom orders or orders for made-to-order/out-of-stock items may take additional time to process (longer processing time + shipping time). If you are in need of an order by a specific deadline, please contact us to confirm that your order can be completed by the requested date.