Swarm and Bee Removals

Do you have a beehive that needs to be removed or a swarm of bees that's landed nearby? Contact us for swarm removal and beehive removals in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. Give us a shout and we'll come grab your bees and place them in a location they can call home. We believe in keeping the buzz alive and don't use chemicals for removals. We also have a network of fellow beekeepers in the surrounding area that we can recommend for various tasks.

Every bee removal is different, but our bee removal plan is always based around what will be the best for the safety of the people who use the space, the general public, and the health and wellness of the colony. And after we remove the bees, they are relocated to one our Host-A-Hives in the greater New Orleans area so that the bees can continue their important work in a place that is both safer for you and for them.

  • FREE swarm removal (A swarm is a mass or a ball of bees hanging from a structure or tree who have not been there long, and who have not yet built comb or established a hive.)
  • $50 - $100 for water meter boxes, small hives (about to 10 frames)
  • $100 - $300 for standard cut outs and well-established hives

In cases where we can access the hive without the property owner being on site, there’s no need to take time off work or be present for this service. We can send an invoice by email along with photos following the completion of the service. If a new colony of bees returns to the removal spot within one year, so will we—free of charge.

For the fastest reply, please fill out the removal form.

FREE BEE REMOVALS FOR FOLKS IN NEED: Through the generosity of donations, What It Bees Like offers a limited number of no-cost bee removals on a case-by-case basis for folks in need. If you would like to request a no-cost bee removal, please clearly state so in the form below and include as much information as you can about the bees include hive size, location, length of time they’re been there, etc.

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Call or text 504.427.4146, or email whatitbeeslikenola@gmail.com.