Local Pickup


Pickup is available at the LOCAL PICKUP LOCKERS in Gentilly Woods, New Orleans for any customer wishing to do so rather that local delivery/shipping. Pickup orders have no $ minimum order amount. They can even be setup for visiting customers (some of y'all like to pop into town quite a bit!). It is also useful for a free alternative for orders that don't qualify for local delivery or deliveries at higher risk of theft. All orders are under 24/7 surveillance and secured until customer pickup. Pickup reservation windows are made in 3-day intervals. Orders not picked up within 30 day from initial "Ready for Pickup" date will be cancelled, restocked, and 90% refunded. Pickup re-scheduling is available once orders are marked as available. Assistance is available at the pickup site for any customer in need.

Pickup Steps/Process:
  1. Shop online and select PICKUP as the shipping method at checkout.
  2. You will receive an ORDER CONFIRMATION E-MAIL when your order is received.
  3. Your order will be filled and processed for pickup.
  4. You will receive an ORDER READY E-MAIL once it is ready. Orders will not be available for pickup before this notice is sent. If you have a phone number on your order info, a phone call text/notification may be done as well. 
  5. You will have a 3-DAY RESERVATION range to pick up the order. If you need to reschedule your pickup for a later time frame, please contact us with your order # for rescheduling (email shae@shaeshea.com or text 504.427.4146 is usually fastest. Please leave a voicemail if you are unable to reach us by phone. We do not call back unknown numbers). Please note: If a locker is free at the expiration of your reservation range, it will be rescheduled immediately thereafter. If another order is pending for a pickup locker, your order will be rescheduled at the end of the queue.  
  7. There will be a pickup locker marked with your FIRST NAME and LAST INITIAL. This is the locker your order is in.
  8. To unlock the locker: PUNCH YOUR ORDER NUMBER + "#"
  9. The locker will open, and you can retrieve your order.
  10. Please remember to close the locker after you have removed your order.

Have a problem at Pickup? Just ring the doorbell. 



I live out of town, can I do PICKUP?
As long as you are physically able to have the item retrieved from our pickup lockers (this can be via a friend, relative, or yourself if you're in town), you're permitted to use pickup. 

Is there an order minimum?
No. Any order, of any value/size is allowed for pickup. 

What and where is my Order Number?
Your order number is the four digit number on your confirmation email (e.g. #1234). It is located on your order status page and on the email for when your order is ready for pickup.

I chose a different order method, but I want to switch to pickup. Can I do that?
If your order has not shipped or been marked as "out for delivery" you can contact us to change to pickup. Please note, your order will go to the end of the pickup queue and may possibly incur delayed availability pending if there is an available locker. Any charged shipping/delivery fees will be refunded upon reschedule.

If I choose PICKUP, can I meet someone somewhere to get my order?
No. PICKUP is designed strictly for our PICKUP LOCKERS. If you wish to have an order delivered elsewhere, please select the other applicable delivery method at checkout.

I chose PICKUP, but now I want to have it shipped/delivered.
Yes, your order can be changed to local delivery or shipped once any applicable  shipping/delivery charges are paid. Contact us about your order and we'll get your order switched over. Standard postal rates, and local delivery restrictions still apply.

I placed an order for PICKUP but I need to reschedule the reservation range.
Contact us as soon as you know you need to reschedule for a later date so that we can reserve a new reservation window before it is filled. If a locker is not available for the requested window, it will have to rescheduled for the next available time frame. Reservation ranges are not guaranteed since they rely on variables like order timing, processing, etc. 

I missed my Reservation Range. What do I do?
You will receive a reschedule notice for when your order is available for pickup again. If a locker is free, it will be immediately scheduled. If it is not, it will go to the end of the queue. Please note: orders not picked up within 30 day from initial "Ready for Pickup" date will be cancelled, restocked, and 90% refunded

Where do I go to PICKUP my order?
4330 Dreux Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70126

Which days are available for PICKUP?
PICKUP is scheduled across all seven days of the week. As soon as your order is ready, it is scheduled (regardless of business days/hours).

I want to pickup my order at the location, but what do I do?
The pickup lockers are on the front porch. Directions are listed on the box (find your box, punch your order number + "#").

What if I don't have my order number at PICKUP?
Please ring the doorbell to request assistance. The person picking up will need to know the FIRST AND LAST NAME on the order.

I'm having trouble getting my locker open. What do I do?
Make sure to check that you have the correct pickup locker, check your order number and make sure to push "#" after. (E.g. You have order #8035. Punch "8 0 3 5 #"). If you are still having problems, please ring the doorbell. 

The weather is bad/hot, what about my order?
As long as you have received notice that your order is ready, it is available for during your Reservation Range no matter the weather. Pickup Lockers have been places under an overhead structure out of the elements. Any orders or product requiring special will be tended to accordingly. If, however, there is any problem with your order, please promptly let us know. 

I'm only available to pick it up at unusual hours. Can I still come get it?
Yes. Orders ready for pickup can be picked up at any point day or night 24 hours during your reservation range. 

Is my order safe and secure?
Yes. All orders are locked and under 24 hour surveillance until pickup.

What if I close the locker before I'm finished?
–Simply re-enter your order number + "#" and the box will reopen for you.

My name is on more than one locker. What does that mean?
It simply means that your order filled more than one locker. Please punch the same code into both lockers to open them.

There are packages on the porch. What does that mean?
That there are packages on the porch. Your order will be locked in a PICKUP LOCKER, not on the porch. All orders and packages are under 24-hour surveillance.

I haven't received my pickup email. What do I do?
You are always welcome to check the order status page for updates, or contact us if you have any questions.

I haven't received my pickup email. Can I come get it?
No. Until your order notice has been sent, your order is not fully pulled from inventory and is not available in a locker for pickup.

Do I need to talk to someone in-person to pickup my order?
No. Order PICKUP is a contact-free method. Even calling for assistance is contact-free. 

My order has a problem (e.g. missing item, wrong item, damage, etc.). What do I do?
If you are still at the lockers, please ring the doorbell for assistance to report an issue with your order. If you are no longer at the Pickup Lockers, please contact us either via email or phone. 

How quickly will my order be available for PICKUP?
Typically orders are filled within 2-4 days. However, order processing can vary for several reasons. Additionally, orders marked for PICKUP are subject to locker availability. All orders are processed as quickly as possible.