Host-A-Hive Terms

Host-A-Hive is a partnership program designed to have local residents of the Greater New Orleans Area host hives of bees on land they manage. Hives will be installed on inspected lots and maintained by local beekeepers and minimal to no charge of the land manager. Beekeepers will harvest honey, as available, by hive production. A previously agreed upon shares of honey/wax will be made available, to the land manager. All equipment will provided by the local beekeepers with exception of personal coverings (bee suits, head coverings, etc.). Together, local beekeepers and local residents can partner to foster and grow the pollinator populations in the area.

Land Permission
By agreeing to these terms the Host certifies that they have the legal right to host bees on the property and will keep the lot maintained in accordance with all city and state laws regarding beekeeping. Additionally the Beekeeper will not attend to the hives without prior notice and permission from the Host.
Hive Registration
All hives will be registered by the beekeeper as additional hives on alternative lots. The beekeeper is not liable or responsible for hive registration or consequence of any additional hives not under the agreement on the listed lot.
Duration, Cancellation, Payments
Agreements start on the date of hive install. We ask for a minimum 1 year commitment to hosting. Bee plans operate on a 12 month cycle. Depending upon payment preference, paid plans can be paid monthly, or annually. Annual plan payments are due upon installation. Monthly plans, starting with the first payment, shall begin upon installation. Once signed, no switching between plans is permitted during the contracted 12 months. Payments for any existing agreement must be paid in full before a new agreement can take effect. Payments are considered late after 14 days past the invoice due date. After 30 days past the invoice due date, the plan will be switched to the Pollinator Plan for the remaining months of the contract. If a new contract is not signed upon the renewal date, the account will be considered inactive. Inactive accounts will have hives removed within 30 days–unless a new contract is signed before the removal. Hosts wishing to change plans can do so for their upcoming contract plan at no additional cost (e.g. different plans for different years) as long as previous contract is in good standing. The hives will remain on the designated lot until such a time as either party cancels the agreement, or where mandated by by law. Cancellations by either party require a minimum 30-days notice. The Beekeeper has the right to cancel any hosting agreement for reasons including but not limited to: lots not being maintained, hazardous environment, non-compliance with beekeeping laws, damage/theft of property, etc. Likewise, Hosts may cancel the agreement for reasons listed, but not limited to: maintenance, change in land use, allergies, neighbors, relocation, etc. In any case of hive removal or cancellation, all gratuity or previous arrangement of any form will not be remitted to the Host after removal.

Moving Hives
Hives can be moved within the serviceable area (although it is highly discouraged) to new properties mid-contract as long as the new location complies with local and state regulations. Please note: moves less than 3 miles away from the previous location are at a higher risk for disorientation (bees recognize area and return to the original location). Beekeeper is not responsible for complaints, claims or other actions on the part of neighbors due to the presence of hives. (If it is ruled illegal or ordered that the hives are removed from Hosts property it is the responsibility of the beekeeper to remove them). Removal of hives due to orders from appropriate governing agencies will be carried out in such a way as to conform to the demand of such order.

Equipment and Tools
All beekeeping equipment and hives will be returned to the beekeeper unless additional arrangements are made between the two parties. All equipment is due back to the beekeeper upon expiration of signed agreements unless a renewal is made. Additional equipment (items not actively on the hive) will be stored with the beekeeper. All equipment will be removed from inactive lots within 30-days of contract cancellation.

Failed Hives
If the hosted hive dies due to reasons other than Host interference, we will replace your hive. No guarantees can be made for arrival dates since bee availability is subject to change. Agreement terms, payments, expirations, and conditions still apply regardless of hive status.

Harvested Shares
Hive honey production is not guaranteed. Harvest times vary by season variables. Notice will be given to the Host before harvesting begins. The agreed honey and beeswax will be provide to the Host before the expiration date of the agreement. Please note the first year typically does not yield excess honey to be harvested. It is likely for this first year neighboring hives will need to supply your shares until your bees are better established. 

Hive Plans
Each hive will be registered under a designated plan. A host can have multiple plans (a different one for each hive) depending on preference. Hive plans can also be sponsored by multiple individuals (such as a a community garden or neighbor partnership), but all agreements will have one responsible party designated on the agreement. Limit 2 hives per 1/4 acre, 4 for under 1/2 acre, 6 under 1 acre, 8 for 1 acre.

Discount codes will be given to hosts once hives are installed. Codes are valid for all What It Bees Like products during the months of the active agreement. Codes expire at the end of each agreement. New codes will be given to hosts upon agreement renewals.

Local Zoning
New Orleans Louisiana Code of Ordinances City of New Orleans 
Jefferson Parish Local Zoning Laws