Shea Butter Lotion Bar

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Love lotion? Well here’s a new twist on the topic! These lotion bars are wonderful to have on the go! With ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, your skin is going to feel and look amazing! Don’t forget about the beeswax either! While one option for these bars is unscented, the aroma of natural beeswax will leave your skin smelling sweet and delicious like nectar. Perfect for all skin types! I made these as a moisturizer similar to a giant lip balm (weird huh?). However, I'd say these are most commonly purchased for use on those stubborn dry, cracked heels. Just roll some on to your feet, rub it in, and enjoy softer feet! Want a little scent added to the mix? Pick out your favorite scent from the list! 

Want to rid yourself of the bugs? Checkout the Citronella option!

Handmade • Made in Louisiana
Net Weight Approximately 2.5 oz.
Intended for external use only.

Product of Shae Shea LLC