Save the Bees

There are so many ways to help bees that you might have not considered. Here are a few ideas to help these ladies out:

Avoid Chemical Pesticides

Nobody likes unwanted pests, but there are some safer ways to treat for them that not only safer for bees, but for your furry friends and kids as well. Instead of treating your whole yard with pesticides for insects like ants, sprinkle diatomaceous earth (DE) on ant piles as they pop up. If you are selecting chemical treatments, look for options that aren't sprayed over large areas (e.g. bait traps, and syringe applications) to minimize contact with bees. Also many pesticide options come in more natural and plant based varieties. They are still likely effective directly on bees, but they are much safer to use overall. 

Weed Prevention

There's always the thought that weeds are really just super successful plants growing where someone doesn't want them...but sometimes you need to take a plant out. Mixing vinegar, dawn (or similar degreasing dish detergent), and salt can make for a powerful plant killer. It's cheap and easy to make without a ton of unknown additives.

Plant for Pollinators

Who doesn't love a great flower?! Planting any amount of pollinator friendly plants is always appreciated by the bees. Look for native plant varieties for anything you like to grow. And don't just think floral plants. Bees actually get a tremendous amount of nectar and pollen from various types of trees as well! Also, let it grow! If you have areas of grass that can go longer periods of time between cuts, leaving the wildflowers that pop up helps bees as well! Less work for you, more food for them.