Raw Shea Butter

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Raw, unrefined African shea butter. The unique fatty acid profile coupled with the butter’s high level of non-saponifiables makes it a highly effective emollient. Shea butter is also known to contribute to skin elasticity. It's great for using on dry spots or to help soothe irritated skin. Please note that shea butter can vary in color from an ivory tone to a yellow tone, but all Shae Shea products use unrefined or "raw" shea butter. See the "about the butter" page in the Ingredients section of the site for more info about shea butter.

Helpful tip: rub shea butter between your hands a few times to soften it up for easier use, especially in cooler climates. In hot climates be careful to open containers so they are level and don't spill. You can easily harden melted shea butter in your fridge or a short time in your freezer. 

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