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If you are looking for scented oil warmers that are as gorgeous as they are useful, look no further. Our electric oil burners offer a beautiful accent to any room, in addition to being a wonderful way to distribute the scent of burning oil throughout any space. These beautiful glass electric oil burners burn oil evenly and also serve as an eye-catching, beautiful piece of art.

– Electric Oil Burners are Safe.
– Aromar Electric Oil Warmer has a light. This lets you know when it is on, making it harder to leave on and forget. 
– The Electric Oil Burners remains cool to the touch and will not overheat.
– It is quite safe to handle when in use. The temperature does not vary when left on continuously and will not overheat.
– No open flames, hot water or hot melted wax.
– Fully insulated internal wiring system.

– Simply plug in to a standard electrical outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature.
– Add 8-10 drops of your diffuser oil or solo essential oil to the recessed bowl.
– Just wipe out with a damp cloth when you have finished, leaving no watery, oily residue.